“This retreat was beautifully organized. It provided us an opportunity to reflect and brainstorm ideas together as one IBF, and to develop shared and aspirational priorities for the future.”

Ms Lydia, 


“If you are hesitant to try out the Twins and their value proposition, do reach out to Grace Quek for a one on one testimonial about their work.”

Ms Grace Quek, 

SVP Organization Development, Sembcorp Industries

“Training content was nifty and delivery was remarkable. The trainer was able to keep the group focused on topic all the time which I believe the biggest challenge for any facilitator. She never misses any opportunity to communicating with delegates understand the needs. Trainings was not static … it was dynamic and flexible. That allowed delegates to engage at maximum level and get most out of the training. The team discussion was great to open up the characteristics of everyone. In this one day learnt more about my colleagues than +3 years I spent with them. The rooting discussion was truly a brainstorm everyone engaged in. Great outputs generated can be use as input for improvement of work life in the office.”

Mr Erdem Kalayci, 

Electrolux Sourcing Specialist

“Excellent Trainers! Session has provided us fruitful reminders on our daily tasks which we have overlooked for a long time!”

Mr Jerry, 

Sales Director TalentStork

“My key takeaways from the workshop are appreciation and openness among the team. I learnt we have much in common without realizing it. I enjoyed creating our teamwork definition the most in the session. It was a wonderfully planned and organized workshop with the right elements in place to meet the objective of the workshop”

Ms Agnes Cheng, 

HR Partner, Covance Asia

“The workshop opens up our mind to be able to see situations from different lenses. We are taught how to ask deep questions and get to the root cause of a problem. Thank you for your hard work in putting this course together with gamification where theories can be understood. Keep up your good work.”

Mr Andrew Tan,

Group IT Head, SembCorp

“The trainers are professional and dedicated to create a difference after the work-shop training”

Ms Tracy Tan,

Covance Asia

“Savoir Asia is a delight to work with. They were attentive and accommodating to our needs, and offered a number of good suggestions to help contextualise the session so that staff could better relate to the content..”

Ms Janis Chen,

Learning and Development Consultant, CPFB

“I was apprehensive if I will actively join the discussion and be open, but good thing that I opened up myself and Shane and Shamantha was able to coach me on one of my life issues. Thanks!”

Mr Rogelio Tarun Junior,


“The workshop is well-structured with key concepts well-illustrated. The highlights of the workshop were the hands-on sessions following the delivery of each core concept. This allowed participants to immediately put to practise the concept learned and receive feedback on its application. In addition, the sharing of experiences by other participants are often thought-provoking, and mind-opening.  Throughout the programme, we learned plenty of new ideas”

Mr Tse Luen,

AVP Group Strategy

“This course goes beyond strength finders as it shows you how to apply your behaviours with others. My profile was spot on and I learned more about myself… I have recommended my Shanghai office to consider this in 2015.”                                                                                                                                             

Mr Calvin Hardiment,

                                                                                           Regional Product Support Manager, Caterpillar Marine Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Shane was able to help me piece together certain behavioural roadblocks which were affecting how I relate to people and making sure that I follow through with concrete actions to address them. The Eureka moment was magic… I could literally feel the weight being lifted off my shoulders! The end result is that I’m able to channel this additional burst of energy into my business.”                                                                                                                                                                       

 Ms Jiang Yugui,

Co-founder of Scent Witch Wellness

 “The training session was well thought out, planned and ran well. Dianna lane was authentically enthusiastic, offering valuable pointers and insight.”

                             Ms Li Wei Yi,

                                                                                      Assistant Head of Talent Programmes and Capability Development, Singapore Economic Development Board 

“Shane was my life and career coach for the last year (Sep 2013- Sep 2014) and I have found sessions with her to be both productive and enlightening. There are several great things about Shane as a personal coach. First, she has a comforting presence that allows you to trust her and confide in her. This quality is important if you are going to be trusting someone with your inadequacies and vulnerabilities, so as to improve and work upon them.

Second, Shane strikes a good balance between being encouraging and being tough. One example would be how she persuaded me send a text message to address a conflict (that I had been ignoring previously) before I could leave the session. It was scary to do so, but finally doing it allowed me to put down an emotional and mental burden. Finally, Shane follows-up well. She keeps track of my growth and progress towards my own (self-defined) goals from one meeting to the next. I also saw this in terms of how she would send me news of relevant opportunities on her own initiative. In sum, I would say that it is easy to get caught up with urgent, as opposed to important, things in life – Shane’s presence kept me on track.”              

Ms Baey Xiang Ling,

                                                                                                                             Student, National University of Singapore