Power Lunches

We understand that time is precious and it is so difficult to take time away from work for long periods. Yet, you might be interested to learn something new over a meal. This is why we have created Power Lunch sessions for you the Growthbeans Way.

Grab your own lunch, invite us to your office and in 1.5 hours, you will walk away with

a) something new

b) better understanding of yourself

c) enhanced bonding interaction with your colleagues

Pick from any of the topics below. If you are interested in a particular topic but cannot find it below. let us know by dropping us a note at info@savoir-asia.com. 


Power Presentations: Speak and Present to Impress

How often have we set through presentations where we have to keep popping sweets to stay awake, or where we wish the next presenter would come up sooner? We certainly do not hope to be that presenter putting our audiences to sleep. Rather, most of us would want to be able to create an effect where our audiences would sit up in their seats to listen to us and to nod their heads in agreement. How can we create such power presentations? This session will share quick tips on how to speak and present to impress. 


Uncovering your Motivations

Do you ever wonder why you have cycles of happiness or unhappiness at the workplace? Are there times where you cannot wait to go to work and times when you have to drag your feet to work? Find out what is missing for you and identify how you can fill those gaps to make your work life more fulfilling for yourself. 


Personal branding: Creating an impression

Researchers have found that a first impression is made within the first seven seconds after you meet someone new. With social media, the footprints you leave online also means that people can form an impression of you even before they have met you. What kind of impression have you been creating?  In this workshop, pick up quick tips on how to brand yourself to create an impression. 


The Magic of Storytelling

Storytelling has been in existence since the period of the cavemen. It forms the basis of how information, history, values and opinions are transferred. Today, storytelling is used for multiple purposes that includes communicating your personal brand, sparking action, taming the grapevine, getting people to work together, leading changes and transmitting values. This short speaking presentation will highlight how our brains are engaged by stories rather than facts or data points. It will also show and teach how creating stories can enhance communication and bring about effective positive changes.


Influence to Accomplish

Most influence efforts were doomed from the start because the influence goal, or focus, was not clearly identified. If ever a goal was clearly identified, the lack of appropriate measures, or frequent measures prevent the influence approach from being successful. Through case activities, learn about three keys to influence which results in lasting influence.


Enhancing Mental Toughness

Mental toughness lies at the core of wellbeing and resilience. Participants will learn about the 4 different elements that make up mental toughness. They will be invited to self reflect on their level of mental toughness and how it might affect one’s work. *Mental toughness self assessment is available but not included in this workshop and cost.


Mindful Conversations 

How often have we interacted with others and felt that we are being judged or not being heard? Are we really listening to the other person for what they are truly saying or are we making assumptions and jumping to conclusions? Gain tips to enhance our emotional intelligence to be more aware of ourselves and others for better conversations and relationships with others.


Office Politics: What’s Our Type

Office politics is neither a good or bad thing but is most often interpreted by many to be negative. Whether we know it consciously or not, all of us would deploy techniques to pursue a course of action to help us achieve our goals. Join us in this 1 hour session to uncover what techniques you may typically use in the workplace and how that may impact others.


Love Languages in the Workplace

The 5 love languages are traditionally used between individuals in a relationship. However, as human beings, our love language does not typically change and it will influence our teamwork and relationships at the workplace. In this 1 hour interactive session, we will explore how this shows up in the organization.


Positive Psychology: Enhancing Our Well-Being

Feeling unhappy or stressed at home or at the workplace? Martin Seligman, founding father of positive psychology states that the ability to practice positive psychology increases our levels of well-being. In this session, we will discover what constitutes wellbeing and how we can actively practice positive psychology in our lives to be happier individuals.