Minds-Set For Success

Unhappiness at work begins when one’s motivations is not aligned with one’s work. Understanding what motivates your employees, and knowing how to use the right mind-set to take on ‘boring’ tasks, your employees will be more fulfilled. Apart from motivations and mindset, this workshop will also explore virtues which create the meaning and purpose of our lives, the content of our character and are the truest expression of our souls. Whether it is for personal development, leadership at work or education, being able to guide employees to bring their virtues to life is key to authentic success. Allow your employees to uncover their motivations, mindset and virtues and awaken other virtues that will help them achieve greater happiness, success and harmony within your organization. Managers who are able to understand their team’s motivations and virtues, and create a culture of growth mind-set will be able to engage and empower them and hence enhance the team’s well-being. 

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