7 Methods For Becoming Mentally Stronger

Different people respond to stress differently and they take different amount of time to bounce back or to recover due to the difference in their mental “resilience”.

But fret not, with practice and a number of different strategies, mental resilience can be learnt!

Here are the 7 strategies to become mentally stronger:

  1. Stretch your mental muscle
  2. Train your mind to see positive AND negative
  3. Focus on learning
  4. Become physically tougher
  5. Keep some fuel in the tank
  6. Stay social always
  7. Write about yourself


To better understand the methods on how to become tougher mentally, simply read the article “Recovering Resilience: 7 methods for becoming mentally stronger“.

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Read more here at “Recovering Resilience: 7 methods for becoming mentally stronger“.

Date of article: 9th July 2015

How to be much happier at work

Positive psychology has been identified as what makes people happy at work.

Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, one of the most famous well being researchers, explained the concept of Flow which makes one feel good. There are a few important traits of the flow state as shared.

To be in flow, you would:

1) Fully concentrate on the task – Your full concentration is required to perform well. You would probably fail if you do it in a half-hearted manner.

2) Forget yourself as you are so immersed in the activity. You are not at all self conscious.

3) Lose track of time. Have you ever been so involved in a job at work that time really flew by? This is a classic Flow experience.

To understand the steps on how to get Flow to be happier at work, simply read the article “How to be much happier at work”

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Date of article:3 July 2015

Better Conversations, Better Outcomes

Are you racking your brains over how to get your points across more clearly?

Have you ever desired to have a greater influence on others?

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Better Conversations Better Outcomes

How Mindfulness Improves Decision-Making

From Wall Street to community schools, mindfulness has been making waves in how it can help to improve decision making. Have you been mindful in how you make decisions?

If not, you can start by following the steps below:

1) Frame the decision

2) Gather information

3) Come to a conclusion

4) Gather feedback 

What is most valuable, we find, is the ability to give and receive feedback….. positively with an open mind and in turn, improve and become better. A hard pill to swallow sometimes, but what makes us uncomfortable makes us grow!

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Date of article: 8 May 2014

In Mindfulness, a Method to Sharpen Focus and Open Minds

Medical research has shown that mindfulness can change our brain function, improve attention, reduce stress and be happier. But, what is mindfulness and how does one become more mindful? 

It is said in the article that mindfulness refers to “intentionally paying attention to the present nonjudgmentally”. There are some basic techniques that one can employ: 

1) Find a quiet place to focus your attention

2) Feel the stretch in the rib cage 

3) Notice when the mind changes direction, and redirect it 

Instead of being a quick fix-all solution, mindfulness is a deliberate technique to remain in the present, to manage stress, make decisions more carefully and increase focus. However, it requires sustained practice over a long period of time. 

Since it only takes 10 minutes a day, why not try above mindfulness techniques for a month and tell us the results? 

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Date of article: 22 March 2014

What it really takes to be a great boss

Are you a great boss or have what it takes to be a great boss?

It seems that many people have differing opinions towards what they feel makes a good boss. This article shares with us what are the common traits that great bosses have

Great bosses would

1) Respect and appreciate their employees 

2) Create trust and support 

3) Give employees the backing and resources to do their jobs 

So, if you are a boss yourself, have you done the above three points to be warranted as a great boss? Do your employees fear or respect you? 

Start becoming more mindful today to see what kind of leader you are. 

We would also like to hear from you what you think makes a great boss!

Date of article: 24 July 2014

Mindfulness for Success: Top 3 Management Tips

Have you ever wondered how effective leaders run a successful business, given the myriad of noises in today’s environment? It boils down to one simple technique: Mindfulness. 

The most basic definition of mindfulness is simply paying attention, oh well we think it’s about paying attention to what you are paying attention to!  

So here are the 3 Management Tips from the article summarized for you:

1) Pay attention to your strengths, understand your vulnerabilities and notice your patterns of behavior

2) Focus on the individual strengths of each of your team members while acknowledging their weaknesses 

3) Cultivate individual strengths and make consciously targeted strategies

You will be surprised how you can clarify your thoughts through distancing yourself from them to introspect. Try journaling your thoughts on your phone or a piece of paper today! 

Read more at: “Mindfulness for Success: Top 3 Management Tips

Date of Article: 7 August 2014

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