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What is a predictor of Success? Intelligence? Social Intelligence?

Good Looks? Physical Health? Happiness?


Grit is passion and perseverance for long-term goals. It is the stamina and motivation to overcome obstacles. It is the RESILIENCE and determination to see things through to the end. 

GRIT and RESILIENCE involve the ability to bungee jump through the pitfalls of life. In the event of hardship, stress and adversity, it is as if the person has an elasticized rope around them that helps them bounce back from the lowest point. From a research perspective, the term resilience has come to mean an individual’s capacity to positively adapt to handle stress, overcome adversity and continue his or her normal development.

As a whole, resilience is an entire system made up of other various components.

Components of resilience1

As a commitment to create future leaders in our society, Savoir Asia has created different programmes for the development of GRIT and resilience in youths.

How To Build Resilience? 

1. Build Self Esteem and Positive Relationships


Research has shown that having a high self esteem and having positive relationships differentiates youths who are resilient from others. Students will learn how to communicate with others and tap on those around them for support to build stronger and more positive relationships.

2. Learn Motivations and Strategies to Ace in Life


Instead of studying purely for results, help students identify their passion early to inspire them to study with a purpose and help them learn techniques to overcome stress and time pressure to cope better.

3. Empower one’s self and prepare for the future


A lot of the challenges we face in life are made more difficult because of our self limiting beliefs. Students need to be aware of this and learn ways to empower themselves to overcome any adversities. Having a longer term vision and a personal branding will also help provide guidance for their long run ahead.


Join us as students embark on a journey of self-discovery using a series of reflective exercises, peer reviews and profiling tools to enhance their self-awareness. Students will prepare their career road map with the end in mind and begin to craft their visually appealing infographics CV and practice their interview skills while being coached. 


Join us as we incorporate social and emotional learning competencies within the course in an interesting and engaging manner so that students can realize their potential in both the academic and affective domains. Students will learn to adopt more empowering beliefs, eliminate self-limiting beliefs, decide their greater purpose and derive the motivation to excel.

4. Increase your self efficacy and build inner confidence


Taking on a growth mind-set increases one’s self efficacy and reduces the fear of failure. Students will pick up key elements on how to be successful and learn how to dress appropriately.


The cycle of success involves looking good, feeling good and doing good. Therefore to be the best us, it is important that we take care of our appearance, exercise our physical, mental and spiritual health, enhance our emotional well-being so as to exude our inner confidence. In this workshop, we will focus on empowering your students with the know-how to bring out the best in them. 

Don’t know which workshop to select?

Select our “INSPIRING FUTURE LEADERS” global leadership programme. With 8 modules, it pulls out the best from all our workshops. All you need to decide is the time period in which you will like the modules to run. 


student programs

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