How to be much happier at work

Positive psychology has been identified as what makes people happy at work.

Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, one of the most famous well being researchers, explained the concept of Flow which makes one feel good. There are a few important traits of the flow state as shared.

To be in flow, you would:

1) Fully concentrate on the task – Your full concentration is required to perform well. You would probably fail if you do it in a half-hearted manner.

2) Forget yourself as you are so immersed in the activity. You are not at all self conscious.

3) Lose track of time. Have you ever been so involved in a job at work that time really flew by? This is a classic Flow experience.

To understand the steps on how to get Flow to be happier at work, simply read the article “How to be much happier at work”

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Date of article:3 July 2015