Mindfulness for Success: Top 3 Management Tips

Have you ever wondered how effective leaders run a successful business, given the myriad of noises in today’s environment? It boils down to one simple technique: Mindfulness. 

The most basic definition of mindfulness is simply paying attention, oh well we think it’s about paying attention to what you are paying attention to!  

So here are the 3 Management Tips from the article summarized for you:

1) Pay attention to your strengths, understand your vulnerabilities and notice your patterns of behavior

2) Focus on the individual strengths of each of your team members while acknowledging their weaknesses 

3) Cultivate individual strengths and make consciously targeted strategies

You will be surprised how you can clarify your thoughts through distancing yourself from them to introspect. Try journaling your thoughts on your phone or a piece of paper today! 

Read more at: “Mindfulness for Success: Top 3 Management Tips

Date of Article: 7 August 2014

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